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Dark soul 1

ทดสอบ 7

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The Ashen One entered a building, only to move a little further and find himself up against a Lothric Knight wielding a spear and greatshield. The Ashen One groaned, these Knights were no pushovers. Examining his combat style, the Ashen One quickly noticed that this one was much more defensive than his straight sword wielding brethren. He had to get through that shield. After blocking a few spear thrusts, he went into his stance with his Longsword and performed an upward slash, breaking the guard of the knight. He quickly moved in and performed a riposte, killing the knight.</p><p>Moving forward he heard footsteps, and quickly turned to the left and defended himself from a Hollow that tried to ambush him. After blocking the attack, he slayed the Hollow with two slashes. He moved downstairs and examined the floor below him. There were three big Hollows patrolling the area, two with Greataxes and another with a halberd. There was also a dog patrolling as well. He also saw an Estus shard laying around. He definitely needed to grab that. On the same floor he was on there was a Hollow resting. He had a clear view of the lower floor, he could be a sniper of some kind. The Ashen One wasn't going to take any chances, so he made his way to that Hollow. Along the way he stumbled upon another one resting next to a treasure chest. He quickly backstabbed it without raising attention, and then opened the chest to get a shield. Then he killed the "sniper"; checking the body he found firebombs on him.</p><p>Then the Ashen One noticed there were oil barrels scattered across the lower floor. He realized he could put those firebombs to good use. Chucking a bomb at one of the barrels, it blew the dog and an Axe wielding Hollow across the room, killing them. The other two Hollows looked around frantically to find the attacker. The Ashen One tosses another firebomb at a barrel right next to the greataxe Hollow, eliminating him. The Ashen One leaped down and cut down the halberd Hollow with a plunging attack.</p><p><em>Good. Time to get that shard.</em></p><p>After procuring the shard, the Ashen One heard a growl ahead of him. He saw a stair case going down, and assumed that's where the sound came from. Shield raised and sword gripped he slowly moved forward. Looking down the small staircase, he saw a large dog near a body. The dog turned and barked at him. The Ashen One quickly cut down the creature before it could attack.</p><p>Walking over to the corpse the dog was guarding, he pillaged a key from it.</p><p><em>A key? What is it for…wait, I think I saw a prison cell earlier. Maybe this unlocks it.</em></p><p>Returning to the tower where he found the second bonfire of the area, the Ashen One made his way to the bottom floor. Slaying the enemies in his path, he finally made it to the cell. A man with a strange hood placed on his head was locked inside. Using the key he opened the cell and entered.</p><p>"Hey. Are you alright?" He asked the slouching prisoner. The man looked up to see his rescuer.</p><p>"Ahh, you're no jailer are you? No, no, you're from far away. And judging by the bell… You must be some of that unkindled ash." The prisoner spoke.</p><p>"Yeah, I guess you could say that."</p><p>"Remarkable, if that's true, then I have a favor to ask."</p><p>"Alright. What is it?"</p><p>"Below the High Wall is a musty little town. Not the home of any lord, just a very old settlement of Undead. An old woman, Loretta, lives there. Please give her this ring." The prisoner requested and showed the Ashen One a ring with a blue gem in the shape of a tear on it. He picked it up and examined it.</p><p>"I- I am not asking for charity. In fa- in fact if you do this for me… I'll be sure to pay you in kind." He offered. "I-I may be a petty thief, but I've got more wits than most royalty. What do you say then?"</p><p>The Ashen One thought for a moment before nodding his head. "Alright, I'll do this for you." He promised.</p><p>"Oh thank you! I humbly place my faith in you."</p><p>"You got a name?"</p><p>"Oh! Forgive me, where are my manners? I am Greirat of the Undead Settlement, and I promise to assist you. Do your part and I'll do mine." Greirat introduced himself.</p><p>"Got it. But it's not safe here, take this." The Ashen One said and handed Greirat a homeward bone.</p><p>"Oh? What's this for?"</p><p>"Use it, it'll take you to Firelink Shrine. It's a sanctuary of sorts, you'll be safe there. Just wait there and I'll tell you when I find Loretta."</p><p>"I see. I will do that. And again, thank you very much."</p><p>And with that, Greirat used the bone and vanished.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>After defeating the monstrous Vordt of the Boreal Valley, the Ashen One arrived at the Undead Settlement. Killing two Undead guarding the door, he entered a building. It was dark, the only source of light came from the outside. Walking down a set of stairs, he heard the small noise of something landing behind him. He quickly turned and spotted a nimble undead with a small, crude axe, and bashed its head with a club. Though it was a primitive weapon, the Ashen One found it quite effective. Examining the corpse he noticed it was wearing the same hood Greirat was wearing. He looked down the ground floor and there were two more unaware of him, wearing the hood as well.</p><p>He noticed that the hoods seemed to be the only real piece of clothing that they had. Obviously it wasn't effective for protection in combat nor was it fashionable to wear, so the Ashen One deduced that these hoods were bestowed upon people to humiliate and shame them, such as slaves and prisoners. He felt a bit of pity for them, but he wouldn't hesitate to slaughter them should they force him to. Before going to the ground floor he walked out to a balcony. Looking down he saw a massive "bonfire" with corpses serving as fuel, and several Hollowed workers and a large evangelist gathered around it. He also saw a wrapped up corpse right in front of him being dangled by a rope. The corpse didn't smell however, so it seemed that the death was recent. Further examination was cut off as he sidestepped away from a worker trying to stab him with a pitchfork. The pitchfork actually hit the rope and caused the body to drop. The Ashen One quickly killed the worker and then jumped down near the body. He tore the wrapping open and saw the corpse of an old woman. He felt a sense of worry, as Greirat did refer to Loretta as an old woman. Though not certain, the Ashen One had a hunch that this was poor Loretta. He looked in her hands and saw she was clutching an old, discolored bone. If she held onto it even in death, it must've been important to her. If this was Loretta, then perhaps Greirat would recognize it.</p><p>"I'm sorry." He whispered before taking the bone from her dead hands. He turned around and looked at the large group of Hollows around the fire, most certainly the ones responsible for her death. He decided he might as well avenge her. They hadn't noticed him yet…that was about to change. Spotting a group standing next to an oil barrel, he chucked a firebomb at the barrels and set off an explosion, sending several hollows flying back. The rest turned to him and readied their weapons. With an axe in his hand the Ashen One let out a war cry and charged at the group.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>Emerging from the battle the victor, the Ashen One made it to the next bonfire and warped back to Firelink Shrine. As always he was greeted by the kind Firekeeper, his first companion made in his journey. He met her as soon as he arrived at Firelink Shrine. He didn't have to do much to earn her compainionship, he just needed to be an Unkindled. She said that since he was off in search of the Lords of Cinder, she would be at his side. However it seemed that she helped him less for reasons of friendliness and more for reasons of duty. Nevertheless he would like to change that, as she has been of great assistance to him. Not to think of him as "The Ashen One" but as a friend.</p><p>"Welcome home Ashen One." She warmly greeted, glad to see his safe return.</p><p>"Hello Firekeeper. Can you tell me something?" He asked.</p><p>"Of course. What does thou need?"</p><p>"I sent a man to come here for sanctuary. His name is Greirat. Did he make it back here?"</p><p>"Ah yes he did. He stationed himself over there I believe." The Firekeeper pointed to where he need to go.</p><p>"I see. Thanks."</p><p>His body tightened up upon seeing Greirat, getting ready to deliver the bad news.</p><p>"Ah, hello, you're back. And in one piece. Well now it's time for me to do my part. Whatever trinket you need, speak up. Just don't ask me where I got them." Greirat said with a chuckle.</p><p>The Ashen One stood in front of Greirat silent, trying to find out how to break the news to him.</p><p>"Is something wrong?" Greirat asked confused by his behavior.</p><p>Since the Ashen One couldn't think of what to say, he would let something else do the talking. Reaching into a bag he pulled out Loretta's bone and handed it to him without a word. Though he couldn't see it through the hood he was wearing, the Ashen One could sense the grief from Greirat upon receiving the bone.</p><p>"Heavens, she was already dead…" His voice trembled.</p><p>"Greirat…I'm sorry." The Ashen One expressed his condolences.</p><p>"Thank you. I-I'm not surprised though. Hmm, almost a relief really." Greirat assured, though they both knew it to be a lie.</p><p>The Ashen One pulled out the Blue Tearstone Ring, assuming Greirat would want it back.</p><p>"Oh! You can keep the ring." He stopped him.</p><p>"Are you sure?"</p><p>"Yes. You've done this for me already. You can think of it as a litte trinket of thanks I suppose."</p><p>Though the outcome was not what was hoped, Greirat was glad to have closure with Loretta. As the Ashen One walked off to give Greirat some time to grieve, he called out to him.</p><p>"I want to thank you again. Getting me out of that cell was one thing, but this…you didn't have to do this. But you did. I truly appreciate this."</p><p>"You're welcome."</p><p>"I'll be sure to find a way to repay you. I swear."</p><p>"I'll see you later Greirat." The Ashen One said and went back to the bonfire.</p><p>And after that, a friendship was formed.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p><strong>I know that I didn't have the character find Yoel, but that's because I don't consider Yoel to really be a true companion. The 'companions' of this story are going to be characters that help the Ashen One for reasons of genuine gratitude and trust, with no ulterior motives.